Ages Group: 1 year to 2 ½

During this age, children face new challenge from crawling, walking and running and they require stimulation to help them learn. Children learn best when they are in a safe and stimulating environment. We provide appropriate stimulation through music, educational toys, story time, gross and fine motor skills, outdoor play and a very cheerful and spacious room to help our toddlers explore their surroundings. We provide daily report of child's activity. This includes any milestones achieved, activities child participated in, as well as a record of meal and toilet training.

Key Areas of Curriculum

Language development, number recognition and environmental awareness.

Development of cognitive, gross & fine motor skills.

Exploring picture books, magazines and enjoying stories, rhymes and songs.

Participate in two way communication by listening and responding.

Moral teaching.

Development of sense of self by expressing and distinguishing self from others.

Building social relations by building relation with peers, expressing emotions & playing with others.

Creativity by imitating, pretending and responding to picture.

Responding to music and imitating sounds.

Exploring objects using hands, feet, mouth, eyes, ears, and nose and discovering object permanence.

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